place by awo

The showroom operate by awo-gumi.

It contains 3 spaces:

The Store  To show and sell some original products.

Bookish Pub  Enjoy drink and food, also books we select.

Granny's Room  The place for knitting, embroidering, and chatting.

And this showroom is also design clinic.

You can come for advice about design.



2-4-13 oote Matsumoto-city Nagano; JAPAN (zip code:390-0974)


open at Thu to Sun. 11am-6pm

Please check schedule on this website news page.

The Store

Kiosk that provides our original design products such as wearable, edible and general items. Hand made knitting items by team “ami-gumi” and
“nui-gumi”. Any general items like soaps, candles and bath-items made by handicapped, for example.

Bookish Pub

Pub space with a counter table & 5 chairs, a lot of books. We provide fine beer and wines, some foods. Enjoy reading books while drinking.

If you don’t have enough time to finish reading, Please use our bookmark and come again!

Granny’s Room

So to speak “knit café”. You can enjoy knitting, sawing and chatting with some drinks at the space like granny’s living room. When you want to use the space, Please bought some tools or yarns, or order 1 drink.

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