ami-gumi is the group to knit awo-gumi designed knit-wares.

nui-gumi is also the group to sew original bags and other sewing items.

Reason why we introduce these as design projects is ...>>>


The aim of these two group is not only making original items.

For awo-gumi, these two are design project of working-style.


People joining these groups are mostly mothers of all age.

and had retired their job for the reason of marriage or having babies.

Although their skill is still sharp, few chances to back to ex-job.


To connect their skill with the world. This is one of our aims.

Given nice designed recipes, their skill become shining, we believe.


Above all, Creating something is fun.

When someone buy these items... it's more fun!


So, we awo-gumi design nice and cute items,

and sell them at our showroom.

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